The initiators

The NBAA consists of several waste-based biodiesel producers with facilities in the Netherlands and is supported by the two of the European trade associations.

Argent Energy

Argent Energy was founded in 2001 and was acquired in 2013 by John Swire & Sons (Green Investments) Ltd. The company operates extensively in Scotland and Northwest England. Argent Energy acquired the production assets of Biodiesel Amsterdam in 2018, as well as associated tank storage and tank cleaning facilities. Argent Energy Amsterdam produces 100.000 MT of biodiesel per year.


Greenergy was established in the 1990s to provide low-emission diesel that significantly improves air quality and has grown to become the largest biodiesel supplier in the UK. Greenergy has production plants in Amsterdam, Teesside, and Immingham. Greenergy Amsterdam has a production capacity of 200,000 MT per year.

Bio Oil Group

Bio Oil Group was established in 2007 and produces more than 195,000 MT per year of UCOME at four different locations throughout Europe. The biofuels are mainly used to blend with fossil fuels in the Netherlands, England, and Germany. The production location can be found in Eemshaven, in the north of the Netherlands.


EWABA (The European Waste-based and Advanced Biofuels Association) is the European trade association for biofuels derived from waste streams. The association represents the interests of the industry and works to make government, industry and the public aware of the benefits of biodiesel. EWABA focuses on the ever-changing regulations of the EU and in the different legal systems of the EU Member States.


Münzer Bioindustrie GmbH is one of Europe’s largest traders/collectors of waste lipids as well as a producer of waste-based biofuels. Founded in 1991, Münzer now has 11 locations worldwide, including in Amsterdam.


MVaK (Mittelstandsverband abfallbasierter Kraftstoffe) is a medium-sized trade association founded in 2013. MVaK represents 19 biodiesel producers from the Netherlands, Germany, and Austria. They advocate for the most efficient use of waste-based fuels to protect the climate, the environment and public health.


REG (Renewable Energy Group) is a global biofuels producer headquartered in Ames, Iowa. REG is the largest Noth-American producer and has its European headquarters located in Amsterdam. The company operates two plants just across the border in Germany and uses storage facilities in the Netherlands.


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