About waste-based biodiesel

Waste-based biodiesel is a realistic, ready-to-use, scalable, and circular solution to realize energy transition ambitions.

Research shows that waste-based biodiesel delivers the highest greenhouse gas reduction (90%) compared to alternative fuels. As a result, by 2020 waste-based biodiesel alone has contributed approximately 50% of the total greenhouse gas reduction from transport fuels in the Netherlands. Moreover, an otherwise polluting waste stream is used to produce fuel, thus solving part of the waste problem.

Not waste, but fuel
Unlike biofuels produced from crops (first generation), the waste-based biodiesel’s components do not occupy agricultural land directly. This means there is no upward pressure on food prices and waste-based biodiesel does not contribute to food scarcity in the way that food crops do. Used cooking oil, animal fats and other similar feedstocks are pure waste and producing biodiesel from them is a sustainable method of removing a waste, thereby creating a valuable, low-emission renewable resource.

Waste-based biodiesel is readily available. The Netherlands has a modern biodiesel industry and an active collection system for the required feedstock. Due to the large scale, these fuels can be delivered to the transport sector in large quantities. Waste-based biodiesel complies with all quality requirements and can be used without major engine modifications. It is the cheapest diesel substitute available, thanks to efficient conversion technology, industry success and availability.

More sustainable together
Biodiesel plays a key role in decarbonising the whole sector and works in complementarity with other solutions, such as electrification and hydrogen. For example, biodiesel contributes to the sustainability of internal combustion engines, while electricity takes care of the rest. All renewable solutions are crucial (and complementary) to achieving sustainability goals in the transport sector in the coming decades.


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